Encrypting Data with Guard

Encrypting Office Documents

12.4.2. Saving selected documents in an encrypted format

When having opened a text document, spreadsheet or a presentation, you can save this document in an encrypted format.

How to save the selected document in an encrypted format:

  1. Open a document in the Text, Spreadsheet or Presentation app.

  2. In the File toolbar, click on Save in Drive. Select Save as (encrypted).

    The Save as (encrypted) window opens. Select a folder and a file name. Click on OK.

  3. If the Enter Guard security password window opens, enter the Guard security password.

    You can define how long the security password should be remembered by Guard. To do so, enable Remember my password. Select a value from the list.

    In the Guard security settings, you can define a default value for the time range.

    Click on OK.

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