Adding Calendars

7.6.2. Subscribing to calendars

You can import appointments from external calendars into groupware calendars by subscribing to the external calendar. You can subscribe to the following calendars:

Changes that you apply to the external calendar can be transferred to the groupware by refreshing the subscribed calendar.

Note: Appointments in subscribed calendars can not be edited.

How to subscribe to external calendars:

  1. In the folder view, click on Add new calendar. A menu opens.

  2. You have the following options:

    • To subscribe to a public calendar, click on Browse calendars of interest in the menu. The Add calendar window opens.

      Note: Depending on the configuration, this function might not be available.

      Select the language and country of the calendar that you want to subscribe to.

      Select one or several calendars. Click on Save.

    • To subscribe to your Google calendar, click on Google calendar in the menu. A new browser window opens. Grant access to your Google calendar.

      The appointments will be imported to a new calendar. As soon as the import has been completed, the Subscribe calendar window will be closed.

    • To subscribe to an iCal calendar, click on Subscribe via URL (iCal) in the menu. The Subscribe to iCal feed window opens.

      Enter an iCal url. Click on Subscribe.


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