Creating Appointments

7.4.6. Adding participants or resources

How to add participants or resources in the appointment editing window:

  1. Enter the E-Mail addresses of the participants, the name of a group, distribution list or resource in the input field below Participants. Tips:

    • While entering the E-Mail address, several matching suggestions are displayed. To accept a suggestion, use one of the following methods:

      • Use the scrollbar to browse the list. Click on a suggestion.

      • Use the cursor keys to select a suggestion. Press Enter.

    • To select contacts from an address book, click the Address book icon on the right side of the input field.

  2. To remove participants or resources, click the icon next to the name.

All participants are notified about the new appointment in an E-Mail.

Tip: To find free appointments of all participants and resources you can use the schedule view.

Depending on the configuration, you can define that participants can edit the appointment later. To do so, enable the Participants can edit appointments checkbox. Please note the following:

Superordinated action:

Subordinate function:

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