Data Security

11.3. Using a whitelist

Depending on the configuration, you can create a whitelist. All E-Mails from senders who are recorded in the whitelist, are treated as follows:

Warning: When making entries into the whitelist, several security measures are circumvented. Only enter E-Mails or domain names in the whitelist if you absolutely trust them.

How to create a whitelist:

  1. Click the Settings icon on the right side of the menu bar. Click the Settings menu item.

  2. In the sidebar, click on Security.

  3. Enter the respective E-Mail addresses or domain names as comma separated list in the input field below Always trust mails from the following senders in the display area. Please also note:

    • When entering multiple E-Mail addresses or domain names, separate the entries with a comma.

    • Make sure to enter the exact E-Mail addresses or domain names.

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